EyeCount4U has an eye for your business and that’s why i take a lot of attention to guidance. My ainm is to convey knowledge to my clients, so that they learn to reason themselves, but also the understand the underlying thought or reason. 



With templates designed by myself ( Excel ) you can easily learn to record your hours, keep track of your kilometres, setup your cash-administration  or invoicing. The intention is that you ( as an entrepeneur ) know exactly what you should do or don’t with the tools provided by me.

Herewith i am showing some screenshots of templates I have made for myself or my clients: 

– Hourregistration which you could also use for invoicing and to register your kilometres: 

– Salesinvoice-system which are linked to debtorfile and various automatic functions:


– Cash-registrationsystem & cashingform:

– Quotationsystem linked to billing-system:

– Manuals adapted to the clients action: 

I am preparing everything in a way that you can easily learn how to work with it!




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