Target Group


My Targetgroup are the entrepreneurs with a sole trader ( éénmanszaak ) or a  v.o.f. ( vennootschap onder firma ) who don’t work with employees.

In principle it does not matter whether your are a starter or already have a company for several years, if you would like to be properly guided in clear language and with clear examples, then you have arrived at the right place here. 

My current clientele is very diverse and includes: 

Trade in Workwear, FireSafety Consultancy, Animalphotographer, Educational Consultants, Truckdrivers, Bicycle repair, Hairdressers, Clothing repair, Masseuses, Electricians, Nurses, Mediators, Musicians, Webdevelopers, Childcare, Coaches Copywriters, Personal Trainers, Translators, Architects, Designers, Therapists, etc. 


However, a diverse customerbase is not a problem for me, but rather an enrichment, because i am taking on the role or the entrepeneur and i am adapting to those needs and as a result, i am gaining more and more insight into the various branches of sport. 


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