This Website in English

Do you want to read this website in English? You can visit the dutch pages. On every dutch page there is a link to the english page.

And here are the links to the pages too:


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Working-Area through the whole Country


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Reason of English pages:

Why did I make english pages? Well, since a few years I am having clients with whom I have to correspond in English, because they are foreign but living and working in the Netherlands. I am having clients who are Italian, Portugese, Spanish, Brazilian, Thais, etc. Some do speak Dutch very well or a litlle bit, but with some of them I am corresponding in English. Also in my neighbourhood I find more and more people where we have to correspond in English with ( mostly from Poland ). So I found it important to show that it’s no problem for me. 

I know my English is not perfect, but what’s most important is that we can understand eachother. That’s what counts!



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