Why EyeCount4U?

1) Because of the low rate

At accountantsoffices your administration is being processed by an employee for €75 per hour or more ( ecxluding VAT ) and after that an accountancy-employee is making the year-statements ( for €120 per hour of more ) and after that an accountant is checking it ( €180 per hour or more ).

2) Because of  a more efficient way of working

I am not doing all the activities against the same rate ( €50,00 excl. VAT per hour ) but the processed data is also immediatly processed the right way ( not only for the VAT-administration, but also for the incometaxes ). This means that corrections by an accountant are no longer required! Everything is ready for both ways!

3) Because of the knowledge i share with you

I share all the important information with you and i also give you the tools ( made by myself ) so that you know how to apply it. So i am teaching you WHY certain things are so important and why you have to handle things in a certain way.

4) Because of the short lines 

You don’t have to tell several employees again and again what your questions are, no I am your contact, your only contact at EyeCount4U, so it makes it very efficient. 

5) Because of the fact that I keep a close eye on your interest

Your administration is processed monthly of quarterly, depending on your wishes or the needs of your administration. In the last quarter all the administration are being processed monthly, so that i can adjust you precisely in the last months of the year and to take care you don’t miss any benefits!

6) Due the fact that I don’t work with the ‘Deferred Scheme ( Becon-regulation ).

99% of the offices are using the Becon-regulation. This means that they don’t make your statements and incometaxes ready before the first of April of each year, no, they take their time for it ( more than a year ). 

I don’t work like that, because i think it’s necessary to be ‘uptodate’ and i want to advise my clients during the year and to adjust them before the year is over! The result is that they can take profit of it!

After that i am processing the remaining administrations untill December in January, in February I am preparing the Annual Statements and in March I am taking care of the Incometaxes. And after that I can start with the administrations of the 1st quarter of the current year and focus on your interests in the current year!

7) Due to the fact that I work with the best equipment

The vast majority of administration-offices do work with old(er) equipment, which results in a slower processing / more time spending. However, I am am working with the latest equipment and with 5 monitors at the same time, which allows me to work much faster and more efficiently.

8) Due to the fact that I am a Bookkeeper who EARNS you money! 

I save you money by the way I work. So I am not only costing you money, I earn myself back because you make optimal use of all tax-benefits through my timely adjustment! Something that is only possible because I am not working with the Deferment Scheme like other offices.




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