Registration Personal Data

Which Data is recorded at EyeCount4U for an entrepeneur?

All the information needed to advise a taxpayer in the interim and informing about the state of affairs with regard to turnover tax and income tax and surcharges, as well as submitting sales tax / ICL, income tax returns tax / surcharges:

1) Name and address (Name / Address / City) information

2) Telephone number (s), Email address (es)

3) Social Security number, date of birth, place of birth

4) Copy of valid identification because of identification of identity (one-off)

5) Name and address of the company (name / address / place of residence)

6) Company VAT & Chamber of Commerce number

7) Login details for submitting the VAT / ICL declaration

8) Name, social security number, date of birth of (tax) partner

9) Name, social security number, date of birth of (minor) child (ren)

10) In case of partner maintenance; required data ex-partner

11) Digid (authorization) of entrepreneur and (tax) partner (see: requesting authorization code)

12) Income information of entrepreneur and (tax) partner

13) Company administration

14) Details of the (owner-occupied) home because of housing allowance / deduction mortgage interest

15) Data (mortgage) debts

16) Data relating to bank and savings balances

17) Details of other assets that are important for IT / allowances.

18) Details of non-reimbursed medical expenses

19) Data on donations made (periodically)

20) Provisional assessment for income tax (VA) filed

21) Downloaded Pre-completed tax return data (VIA)

22) Income tax return and national insurance contributions (IORP) submitted

23) Provisional and Final Income Tax and ZVW premium assessments

24) Provisional and Final Calculations Surcharges

25) VAT returns

26) ICL declarations

27) Backup of the administration in Unit4

28) Prepared annual accounts including all associated statements

This data can be deleted upon request. The risk is that the data in the event of loss, it can no longer be requested from EyeCount4U. If there is a wish to EyeCount4U to delete the data, you can do so be made to order by a request:

Ending Agreement / Authorization

This must be returned to EyeCount4U filled in and signed in one of the following ways:

  1. original per post
  2. via a scan of the document per mail to
  3. via a photo / picture send via Whatsapp to 06-20473230.



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