The End-Product

After processing the administration per month or per quarter (including the corresponding VAT / ICL declarations), the end product of EyeCount4U is the annual statement + income tax return. What information do you receive after the end product is ready?

To answer this, the following is a summary:

– In the purple binder (s) of EyeCount4U with binder backs clearly indicating what the binder contains:

  1. the physical (paper) administration, consisting of: cash documents, bank statements, purchase documents, sales invoices, sales tax returns / ICL returns
  2. the prints of the remarks administration, memo bookings, other matters
  3. the prints of the filed income tax return / allowances with a print file from the file the annual statement in an annual statement folder (consisting of: description of company / entrepreneur, balance sheet, income statement, capital, asset statement, VAT overview, etc)
  4. prints of the administration in the annual report folder; the balance sheet and profit and loss account, unadjusted ledger mutations, outstanding debtor & creditor list behind the financial statements and administration prints; the income tax return
  5. In your mail, the files from point 4, 5 and 6 as a PDF files

Outside of this data you can of course receive more data on request. Here you can think of:

  1. Audit file of the administration (per financial year)
  2. Export files in Excel (as required)
  3. Changes in debtors and creditors in pdf

If you find it difficult to read the financial statements / ledger mutations, this manual might be helpful for you:




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