The person behind EyeCount4U, is me; José Kramer-Janssen. I am a woman of 49 years old, married since june 2000 and the years before i started in the accountancy i worked at several companies where i structured the administration. Because of that i found that structuring administrations is where my power is and also my heart!

The years after that i have worked at several Accountants-offices, where i also got the chance to structure things. But i was bothering myself because i experienced that those big offices cannot move quick enough! For a small company and a starter it’s very important to be quick and pro-active! 

For that reason i deciced to start my own company ( February 2009 ), an administration-office with the name ‘EyeCount4U’; a name which i chose to show you that i am there for Ýou! That You can count on me, that i will be there for you! I can advise and accompany you with a lot of things at a low rate.

Do you want to know how i work and what possibilities are there? Please check the pages on my website and if you have questions after reading it, please contact me:

Tel/ Whatsapp: 06-20473230  of  Email: jose@eyecount4u.nl




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