Working-Area through the whole Country

Although EyeCount4U is located in Finsterwolde ( untill 27th of march 2020 in Sprang-Capelle )  and the majority of my clientele comes from Brabant, I still have a good number of customers from other parts of the country! This is due to the fact that I got new customers through word of mouth through the existing clientele.

Although I then did not work at all near their place of residence, but they did not seem to have any problems with this, I hired them as a client. Then it became clear from practice that it also caused no problems whatsoever, since the majority of the communication that we have together takes place via email, whatsapp and telephone conversations.

The administrative documents can be sent by post or delivered digitally (depending on the personal situation, this varies per entrepreneur). 

The starterstalk we can keep via Windows Quick Assist on the pc and our Mobile Phone. 

The finished administration can be returned by me as a package via PostNL with track & trace code. Your administration folders are carefully packed in bubble wrap and cardboard, so you don’t have to worry about anything being damaged.

What is more important is that there is a click between us and that there is mutual trust, then the distance is of secondary importance! Are you an entrepreneur and do you not live in the neighbourhood? Don’t hesitate to contact me anyway, because it is no problem for me!

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