Introductory meeting

During an introductory meeting which can be done here in office or Online aswell, (which takes approximately 0.5 to 1 hour) I will show you with examples how I work. Of course that time is not for your account. If the working method suits you and you agree with it, then we can switch to the start-up advice after your agreement.



During the starter interview, all topics that are important for you to know are discussed. To prevent certain important things from being explained to you, I use a points list that I have compiled myself. In most cases I can go through this with a client in about 1 to 1.5 hours. If a client needs more explanation, this will of course take more time. In general you have received a lot of information after this conversation and your mind will go over, but what matters is that you have heard something about it and can apply it to situations that may occur to you. The idea is that a bell will ring.


Online Starterstalk

Because of the fact my clients are all over the country I found a way to do the starterstalk online! And it works great! It’s so efficient and effective for both of us. 

But how are we doing this?  Well, we are using both our PC’s with the app ‘Windows Quick Assist’ ( ‘Remote Access via Quick Assist’ ) and with our phones. We are talking to eachother via our phones and via Windows Quick Assist  I am showing you the documents and are we talking about the info in the documents. 

If something is not completely clear and needs more explanation, I am giving you this by using your pc-screen.  This way it’s very easy and efficient to explain things to you. And if you need to have a break, it’s easy too! This way it’s also costsaving!





Income-taxes for entrepeneurs

Because of a well planning and structure and because of good coorporation between EyeCount4U and you as a client, I am able to do the incometaxes before the 1st of april! 

I only have that ability because of your good coorporation, offcourse. If you take care to deliver your administration on time, i take care of the processing and the taxes on time. 

The planningschedule is as follows:

January: administrations of December 

February: Yearstatements

March: Incometaxes

April: Administrations 1st Quarter

Here you can download the planningscheme for the whole year:


Because of this I am able to be close on you and advise you on time! EyeCount4U is not following facts….


Method of invoicing

Around the 15th and 30th of  eaxh month I am invoicing the work I have done for you. You receive an invoice with a very detailed specification of the performed work, so that you have precise insight into the amount of time I have spend processing your administration-things. My Paymentterm is 14 days.

Example of the way I specify my jobs for you:


Does this suit you, I can advise you to contact me ( Calling, Whatsapp, Email ) so that we can plan a meeting: Tel: 06-20473230  Email:

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